Sanalanka Friends

Sanalanka Friends is a virtual pet game for the whole family! Take care of adorable squirrel Peppe and improve your language learning skills through engaging minigames!

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Custom designed tool for families with children, especially those who attend speech therapy or need assistance in language learning.

Sanalanka Adventures

Sanalanka Adventures is a new adventure game for mobile platforms currently in development that combines speech therapy methods with an exciting adventure experience for children age 3 and up!We deploy new services and effective solutions for children with speech development challenges by using gamification technologies. We wish to integrate the speech therapy methods with commercial games playability value, focusing on the mindset of game players – seeking entertainment that is easy to play, having fun and interactive content that is suitable for all age groups. We provide a new medium for speech therapy, wellbeing and language learning practices by fusing traditional methods together with the latest available technology such as speech recognition, neural networks and AI as well as its use in mixed reality.Our solution is breaking the norms in treating communication boundaries that commonly lead to social exclusiveness. We make communicating easy, especially for those who need the assistance most.